Experience from Start to Finish

The process often begins with an initial meeting, where sometimes sensitive thoughts are shared. Gus is receptive to the client’s wishes and design ideas. Together they explore the inscription, type of material and location of the final installation.

Gus respectfully translates the ideas into several sketch options, which are drawn and laid out by hand and cost is discussed.

Once the design is selected, the full-size highly-detailed drawing is created and any refinements made. Computer aided lay-outs are sometimes useful.

Stone is a natural quarried material. Its geological striations and shapes inspire the design. The process of selection is very important and so delivery can take some time.

The full size drawing incorporating these qualities is accurately transferred to the stone using carbon paper and pen. At this point Gus often invites the client to visit for final approval.

Upon agreement the carving process can begin following the faint carbon paper image. This is slow and rhythmical, using mallet and chisel in the traditional way.

The stone is delicately transported from workshop to the location where it is installed for longevity.